Curtis Coin Courier

Curtis Coin Care are proud to offer our new high value courier service.

Coins are a perfect item to be sold online whether it be by auction, telephone or a dealer’s website. They are so easy to post as well and coin dealers have been happily doing this for years. Getting high value insurance to transport a coin is nothing new but think about those extreme rarities where a simple insurance pay-out will not cover the significance of the loss. That's where you need a specialist courier.

Unlike the attention grabbing security of the armoured transport companies (some of whom do not deliver to residential addresses) our service succeeds by drawing zero attention and is particularly popular with HNWIs for whom discretion is the best protection they have. As deliveries are done in a "normal" car they can be made to private addresses at almost any time of morning, day or evening without looking suspicious. It's just someone visiting a friend…

Our service can also be used for delivering valuable documents, jewellery and bullion as well as picking up coin collections etc. from clients.

For a truly bespoke trusted service get in touch today.

Delivered by someone you know and trust

Fully insured

24/7 delivery options

Hand to hand delivery (not just door to door)

Discrete service

16 years Numismatic market experience