OPTIMA system pages - packs of 5

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Crystal-clear and sturdy coin sheet (pasticiser-free and acid-free) in OPTIMA format (202x 252 mm) to store and present your coins securely and beautifully. 8 different sized inserts to house 6-54 coins. 

The sheets in format 50x50 and 67x67 mm are suitable to store coin holders.

Black OPTIMA interleaves allow to seperate the visual outlay as well as the content and thus organise your collection. White interleaves make it easy to label your collection individually.

All sold in packs of 5

20mm x 54 pockets

27mm x 35 pockets

34mm x 24 pockets

42mm x 15 pockets

50mm holders for square card coin holders 12 pockets

65mm x 6 pockets

Mixed 25-28mm x 40 pockets